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Maine Bear Hunting Outfitters | Guided Maine Bear Hunts with Hounds

Maine Bear Hunting Outfitters | Guided Maine Bear Hunts with Hounds

Maine black bear hunting at Spaulding Lake Outfitters is a adventure and a hunt of a lifetime. We hunt on exclusive territory of 150,000 acres or 234 square miles of Northern Maine premier black bear hunting wilderness. Spaulding Lake Outfitters believes in the supply of quality black bear bait at our sites. We do not feed unsanitary bait material to the bears, we only feed pastry bait or granola with molasses. We monitor our black bear sites with game cameras so we can determine which of our sites are producing quality Maine black bear and the times of the day the black bear are coming into our bait sites.  Most of the big trophy Maine black bear arrive at the bait sites at the very last shooting light, meaning a trophy black bear hunter will need to stay in the stand until after legal shooting time is up.

We keep our Maine bear hunting pressure low with limited hunters to ensure successful hunts.  We have many options with the number of bait sites we maintain. We offer bear over bait hunting late August through mid-September, and hound hunting mid-September through the end of October.  Hound hunting is a very exciting way to harvest a Maine Black Bear during peak foliage season.

Maine Bear Hunting Guide

2019 Maine Bear Hunting Season

Our Maine black hunting bear season for 2019 starts on August 1st, this is when Spaulding Lake Outfitters can start putting our quality bait out at our predetermined site locations. Prior to August 1st we are brushing out our sites preparing for the upcoming black bear season, cleaning up deadfall trees or branches that have fallen over in the winter are part of our prebait routine. During the month of August Spaulding Lake Outfitters will feed our black bears an abundance of pastries and attractants to get the bears in our area, and in surrounding areas to funnel to our bait sites. Maine black bear are like humans, they will go and frequent where the meals are the best and they will keep returning there.

Our hunting season for Maine black bear will start on August 26th,2019 and bait season will run until September 22nd, 2019, which is the last day our black bear hunters can legally harvest a Maine black bear hunting from a bait site. Spaulding Lake Outfitters also offers Maine black bear hunts with the use of bear hounds. Our clients find this way of hunting for black bear most exciting. The thrill and the rush of listening to good hounds work a bear track cannot be described here, only by partaking in a full out black bear chase. Our hound season starts on September 10th, 2019 and runs through October 26, 2019. A unique part of this Maine hound bear hunting season is that it overlaps with bait season the weeks of September 10th through September 16th, September 16th through September 23rd, we offer either bait hunting only hound hunting only, or the option for both adventures. If you want to sit on a black bear bait in the afternoon and wait for a trophy Maine black bear to come in and he doesn't until after legal shooting light, then tomorrow morning you can choose to hunt Maine black bear with the hounds. We can hunt with hounds in the morning and bait hunt in the evening. Keep in mind only one black bear can be harvested.

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Maine Bear Hunting

Maine Bear Hunting Season Dates

  • Maine Black Bear Hunting over Bait 2019
    August 26th - September 22nd
  • Maine Black Bear Hunting with Hounds 2019
    September 10th - October 26th

At Spaulding Lake Outfitters we offer a 6 day 7 night Maine black bear hunting adventure. We would like to have our clients arrive at the lodge by mid afternoon on Sunday where we can spend some time getting to know each other around the campfire near the lake. We can also make sure your weapon of choice for your Maine black bear hunt is still as accurate as it was when you left home.

Maine Bear Hunting Guide with Hounds

Maine Bear Hunting Guide with Hounds

You have many choices for a weapon for your black bear hunting trip from the traditional rifle to a crossbow. Spaulding Lake Outfitters sets up our treestands or ground blinds with each type of hunter in mind. Some sites are set specifically for the archery hunter where another site will set up only for a rifle hunter. We encourage you to hunt your Maine black bear with the weapon of your choice and you would have already relayed your weapon of choice to me on the questionnaire I had sent to you in previous months leading up to your Maine black bear hunt at Spaulding Lake Outfitters. We use the questionnaire as a get to know you before you arrive at Spaulding Lake Outfitters. I will ask questions from choice of weapon to food likes and dislikes to your emergency contact information. We want your stay at Spaulding Lake Outfitters to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

On the day of arrival to the lodge we will have a brief Informational and safety meeting about your upcoming Maine black bear hunt. We will talk about treestand safety to legal shooting times for the week you will be hunting at Spaulding Lake Outfitters. At Spaulding Lake Outfitters we always try to furnish a Maine based meal for our opening night like a lobster feast with fresh made Maine blueberry pie. After dinner you can retire to your comfortable quarters for a excellent nights rest dreaming of your trophy Maine black bear.

Upon harvesting your trophy Maine black bear Spaulding Lake Outfitters is prepared to skin, quarter and freeze your trophy. We take care of this on site at no additional cost to you. We encourage you to bring coolers large enough to transport your black bear quarters home with you. Spaulding Lake Outfitters also has a excellent taxidermist nearby to take care of your trophy needs if you so choose.

Lodging in Northeast Maine for Your Bear Hunt

Lodging at Spaulding Lake Outfitters for Your Bear Hunt

Your stay at Spaulding Lake Outfitters during bear season will start with an outstanding Maine themed home cooked meal on Sunday evening. After dinner we will have a short itinerary laid out for your week long bear hunting adventure. You can then relax near the lake around the campfire, on the porch playing cribbage, dominoes, checkers, cards, or in the lounge area near the enormous stone fireplace watching television or a movie, although we are very remotely located we are linked up to the rest of the world with a cell phone booster in the lodge, Hughesnet internet and Dish Network so we do not miss that game.  

In the morning an excellent breakfast will be served with plenty of freshly brewed coffee. Enjoy some fishing or we also offer some early season goose hunting, or just relax until the mid-day meal is served after which we will begin your bear hunting adventure.

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Maine Bear Hunting

2019 Black Bear Hunting Packages

  • 2019 Bear hunting over Bait = $2200.00
  • 2019 Bear hunts with hounds = $2500.00

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