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Umcolcus Sporting Camps

Umcolcus Sporting Camps

March 24, 2018 by

As many of you probably know Spaulding Lake Outfitters after much thought and debate in my own mind, have purchased Umcolcus Sporting Camps from Almon and Audrey Currier of Oxbow, Maine. Al and Audrey have owned and operated the camps since 1972 ,when they had taken over operations from Al's father Norman Currier. Umcolcus Sporting Camps have been in the Currier Family since 1923 when Al's grandfather purchased them from Walter Hinds. More of the history can be read in the about section of the new website at Umcolcus Sporting Camps. Booking of Bear Hunts has been busy all winter looks like it will be a great 2018. Abbie and I plan to move into Umcolcus in May as long as the road is dried up enough. The six miles into Umcolcus has not been plowed all winter. So wish us luck and please give me a call and come on by this summer for a weekend getaway or stop in for a home cooked meal. 

Thank you

Jeff Fay 

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